GameFly Review

GameFly Review

GameFly is one of those services that seems like a really great idea, and makes you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”. With that in mind, it’s good to remember that not all good ideas are good for all people. What your probably wondering though is “Is GameFly good for me?”.

While there are number of factors to consider, the short answer is this: If you spend $20 or more per month on console video games, than yes, you should be using GameFly. You’ll play more games, and spend less money.

There are a number of competitors to GameFly, but for our purposes, they’re all a distant second. That’s not to say GameFly is without it’s flaws, just take a quick look around your favorite gaming forum and see what current customers have to say. Hang on, I’ll tell what they say. “Man, I hate GameFly.” or “Man, I love GameFly, why doesn’t everyone?”.

There are two basic problems with the whole online game rental business right now. Number one is they all (including GameFly), use the US Postal Service to ship games around the country. And that’s just slow. No debate. Taking five days to send a game across the country is crazy. Sometimes it’s quicker. Sometimes slower. Until GameFly and others find a way to cost effectively ship games overnight using a FedEx or UPS type service this problem will always exist. It’s getting better since GameFly opened a second distribution center. But still not perfect. There are rumours of two more distribution centers opening (Florida & Texas), but for the moment they’re just rumors.

The second main problem is game availability. More specifically new release game availability. If your intention is to only rent the latest, hottest games, and have a different one to play each week, then maybe you better just move on. Not that you shouldn’t think that, cause that’s one of their selling points. “Why pay $60 each week for a new game, when you can rent them all for $15 a month?”. I guess the problem is not really one of availability, but more of expectation. If GameFly (and the others) were a little more honest in their advertising about this point, less people would be disappointed.

With all that in mind, renting games online really is a great way to go. And it’s bound to get better. Demand is increasing and people are becoming more informed. At the moment GameFly is really your best choice. Unless of course someone comes along and offers the same service GameFly does but does it faster and with more “hot game” availability. In that case they’ll own the market. In the meantime, we’re all still waiting.

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GameFly Review

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