How To Choose the Best TV for Retro Gaming

If you’re a gamer, you likely know the sensation of growing up playing a console, only for that console to become supposedly obsolete. But if you’re a true gamer, you know perfectly well that there’s no valid reason one shouldn’t enjoy the old stuff.

Still, there’s a method for any madness and the kind of television you use to support an old system matters greatly. Read on to learn how you can choose the best boob-tube to support an effortless return to the classics.

Vintage vs Modern TVs

Systems from 15 years ago – 15 years being the common metric for discerning “retro” – are compatible with most modern TVs. But if your consoles are older than that – especially from the ‘80s and ‘90s – those displays won’t cut it.

It may sound crazy because modern people tend to champion modern technology, but older televisions are ideal for vintage gaming. Also known more casually as “tube TVs,” CRT (cathode-ray tubes) televisions are what the archaic consoles were built for.

You will avoid input problems and get the best graphics on these old TVs, which are incredibly cheap to purchase. But they can be difficult to find, as retro gamers haven’t driven up the demand – they are also quite heavy!

Still, if you’re determined, you can locate one of these old beasts down at a thrift store or on eBay. That search is going to be made worthwhile as soon as those beautiful blocks start rendering on your new-to-you TV.

Best Vintage TVs

Thanks to vast internet forums where passionate nerds expertly frequent, you can find many opinions about the best vintage TVs. But you can save yourself the time and look up Sony Trinitron – a name that frequently arises in those forums.

Still, you better know you’re going to love it before you buy it, as returning it will be practically impossible. Ultimately, though, as mentioned above, you won’t be out that much money should you not be happy with your purchase.

If someone you know has a CRT and is willing to let you test it beforehand, you should do that. Call up the older people in your life and get to schmoozing – your retro gaming future greatly depends on it!

Best Modern TVs

Okay, say you’re determined to avoid the hassle of tracking down and hosting a giant clunky CRT on your mantle. You’re not crazy, just brave: modern televisions that support modern and vintage gaming can be found, but they are pretty rare.

You’re looking for a TV with a broad range of definitions that can support either component or composite cables. One of the most cited is the Crosley 24” Retro HDTV.

Those who don’t want to oscillate between televisions to play their favorite systems, new and old, dynamic HDTVs work. Soon you’ll be playing A Link to the Past and Skyrim, all in one night!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there’s nothing like playing an old game on an old TV, but there are ways around that universal truth. With a little bit of patience and research, you’ll be beamed back to the past in no time!

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