PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming: Which Is Better?

Ever since the days of Nintendo and Sega, every gamer was caught up in console wars. As the years went on, gamers cared less and less about the war between the current consoles. However, one war that is still alive among gamers is PC vs. Console. Some people choose to play games on their computer, and others like myself would rather game on a gaming console. There would be benefits and drawbacks to both, so if you wondered what those benefits and drawbacks are, then let’s start by looking at the PC.

PC Gaming Advantages


You can modify many things so the PC looks and performs like you would want it to. When you are talking about the PC, you can change almost anything you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s the exterior of the machine or some part inside the PC. You have many more options on customizing a PC than you do on a gaming console.


When you compare resolutions and frame rates between a top-of-the-line gaming PC and a console, the PC will come out looking much better every time. Besides putting out better graphics, you can also change the resolution or frame rate if your game is not working on the default settings. This can not be changed on a gaming console.


When a machine for gaming is upgraded, it’s the PC that can be upgraded any time a new game demands it. The Central Processing Unit can be upgraded if your PC is not powerful enough. If your PC isn’t displaying the best graphics, you can upgrade the Graphical Processing Unit.

PC Gaming Disadvantages


If you want to purchase a computer that is top of the line, then you could end up paying thousands of dollars. When you purchase the newest PlayStation or Xbox, they usually don’t go above $500 in price. If you are gaming on a budget, you would be better off paying for a console.


If you are trying to fix a computer, it could take a long time and cause headaches depending on the store and what needs to be replaced. Just like when you purchased the computer, replacing the parts that aren’t working could also cost a lot of money.

Game Availability

While the game selection might be bigger than on a console, there are different online stores you will have to visit to purchase games, and some games are sold exclusively by an online store. If you don’t like the price, you don’t have as many options as a console gamer would buy the game from somewhere else.

Gaming Console Benefits

Easy To Set-Up

When you hook up a console, you plug in the power cord, the HDMI (or AV cords on older consoles), and you’re ready to start playing the console. The console is easy to set up, and if a console needs updates, it is downloaded and installed automatically.

Hardware Is The Same For Everyone

When you play games online, you don’t have to worry about a disadvantage because an opponent has better hardware. Everyone is playing with the same device. Also, you can’t keep track of what friends are playing if you play on a PC. You can record gameplay, but you need extra programs if you do that on a PC.


There are exclusives to consoles that you can’t get on any PC. If you want to play a Mario game, then you had to be playing a Nintendo console. If you want to play an Uncharted game, then you would need a PlayStation. People who play games on a PC can’t enjoy these games unless they have a gaming console.

Gaming Console Drawbacks


It was covered that in the benefits of a P.C. if you were not happy with the graphics, you could update them or get a better graphics card. When it comes to consoles, you’re stuck with the graphics that the console can put out.

Controller Options

When you play on a P.C., you have the choice of playing a game using the keyboard and mouse, controller, or headset. When you play games on a console, you have to use the designated controller for that console. If you don’t like the designated controller, you have very few options for controlling alternatives.

Can’t Play Game Mods

On the internet, you can find all the different kinds of mods to existing games. You can’t play these mods on consoles unless released on physical media compatible with that console. If you play games just on consoles, you miss out on Mario 64 and Doom games that have been modified and play like they are different games. There are benefits and drawbacks regardless of what you choose to play on. Your decision will be made based on what you can afford and what franchises you have the most fun playing. When you are debating between P.C. gaming vs. console gaming, there is no wrong answer.

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