Reasons Why a MacBook Pro is Great for Gaming

Most people don’t tend to think of MacBook Pros when they think of gaming laptops, and that’s admittedly fair enough. An amazing series on every other level, Apple has never deliberately thought of using it to accommodate the gamer experience.

Still, MacBooks can facilitate that experience – if you know what kind of gamer you are and what product to get. Read on to learn more about why this Apple laptop is one of the most underrated gaming computers.


We’ve come a long way since 2006 when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iteration of the immediately successful MacBook Pro. But even back then, Apple’s vision was laid out: create an extremely efficient, lightweight, and powerful notebook for users.

top view of the macbook pro
top view of the macbook pro

And as users took to the preinstalled music and video editing software, they made time to game some, as well. So, there’s a rich history of users trying to enjoy the best of both worlds, despite the computer’s non-gaming intent.


The MacBook Pro design is ideal for gamers because it’s easy to transport, unlike countless bulky, awkward competitors. Sure, it’s aesthetically conservative compared to Alienware or CyberPower products – but that’s part of the notebook’s simple, advanced charm.

top left view of the keyboard and speakers
top left view of the keyboard and speakers

For example, the 2019 16-inch weighs 4lbs barely, and the size of its display won’t impede your bag of choice. Additionally, the series abandoned its 2015 shift to a “butterfly” (i.e., incredibly thin) keyboard for a more durable option.

Apple’s laptops feature impressive displays without feeling too large or too heavy, different from what many gamers are used to. And they also look classy and vaguely futuristic, all things considered – an aesthetic must-have for any modern, self-respecting gamer.


For a series that wasn’t meant for video games, it runs them swimmingly. That is if you know what you’re looking for and what you should expect – logical parameters for purchasing any computer.

photo of everything included (laptop, charging brick, charging cable)

Out of all the available MacBook Pros, the most affordable and overall quality product is hands-down the 2019 16-inch Pro. And out of its two variants, you want to go with the one featuring a 9th-gen Intel Core i7 processor.

It has 16GB memory for your short-term data and 512GB storage for plenty of all-around use, including gaming. And with its AMD Radeon Pro 5300M, users are given a decent GPU amount via 4GBs of GDDR6 memory.

For the casual 1080p gamer, this GPU will be solid; for hardcore gamers requiring more, upgradeability is still possible. Or you can purchase an external GPU case, which can give you more power to play your games impeccably.

Ultimately, there are plenty of laptops specifically designed for gaming, and Pros are not one of them. However, Pros afford great 1080p capabilities with the advantage of an incredibly well-rounded, well-designed computer.

Final Thoughts

In gaming PCs and laptops’ competitive world, users are often forced to abandon everyday well-roundedness for their games. MacBook Pros represent bridges between these two worlds, an underrated notebook serving the greater good for gamers with diverse needs.

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